Derma Pen

Derma pen micro skin needling

Perfect for any skin type + colour, the derma pen encourages collagen induction and harnesses the power of the body to regrow + repair. All micro skin needling treatments include a full skin consultation, skin care prescription + comparison photo + mineral Makeup + fruit enzyme facial.
Face $300
Neck $80
Décolletage $300

Skin Coach Non Injectable Filler Facial (RESULTS ARE INSTANT!)

This treatment was developed in Germany and provides visible results to last at least four to six weeks and with continued treatments will slow down the anti – ageing process. The Skin Coach program is an alternative for people who are not ready for injections such as wrinkle reduction (Botox) or dermal fillers but can also be used in conjunction with both for a more lasting result.

Allow one hour for first treatment where your skin will be cleansed and your pores are opened with steam. The energy production of the dermal cells is activated by using a cold laser. This is not to be confused with those used in ablative treatments. Our Hyaluron filler gel is then massaged in where lines and wrinkles appear and where the skin needs to be plumped out. On completion the cold laser is used again to re –activate the cells and convert the Hyaluron into long-chain and our 24 Hour cream is applied

You should have a top – up two to three weeks after the first treatment this takes 30 minutes only and thereafter every 4- 6 weeks. However, results over time can last much longer, as it has a cumulative effect.

$220 – (60 min) first treatment

$125 – (30 min) top up