Lisbeth Herdman, owner of Loooks Day Spa, is passionate about health and beauty. Her personal philosophy is that it is not about looking younger, it is about looking the best you can at the age you are at.

Lisbeth’s medical background as a registered nurse is fundamental to her practice. This medical background, combined with a natural approach to health and wellbeing, and a belief in ageing gracefully, forms the basis of her clinical work. She feels the biggest challenge for us is about looking natural whilst achieving the best results possible – and its not just women who face this challenge.

Loooks Day spa has a three-tiered approach to beauty therapies. The first is to  ensure a healthy skin through  an initial consultation, in-house treatments and take-home cosmeceutical skin care. She uses only the best range of Australian made products, Aspect™.

Once clients have achieved a healthy and vibrant skin, some opt to work with Nurse Kirsten Twine with anti-wrinkle and facial rejuvenation treatments. These are the next level of treatments and are administered by a highly specialised skin care practitioner.

For those with more complex needs who are looking to cosmetic surgery, Loooks Day Spa refers  clients to Dr Robert Gilmour from Restoration Medicine for these  procedures.